Brenda Jones penned a touching ode to Vespa, her two-legged Chihuahua mix, in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“When you meet Vespa, you expect to see a puppy playfully running. But she hops, and then stands upright like a Texas kangaroo,” she wrote. “That’s when her special nature becomes apparent. Vespa has no front legs.”

Jones, who knew she wanted a dog with special needs, found Vespa through Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

Vespa, born without front legs, instead has what Jones describes as “little ‘chicken wings.'” She’s able to hop along pretty well, but her location was limited to soft surfaces, which ruled out taking outdoor walks.

And now, true to her name, Vespa has a set of wheels, handcrafted for her by Denver-based Orthopets.

“I worked with her to stretch out her legs and help her learn to run,” she wrote. “And the door to that bigger world opened for my sweet Vespa.”

Watch the pup scoot with her new set of wheels: