Texas is flush with rich stories, including ones about animals. Here were our five favorites from 2012.

1. Penguins on a Plane: Meet Southwest’s Feathered Frequent Flyers 
Because it’s “practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry,” watch a penguin saunter down the aisle of a Southwest plane. The airline and Sea World have an arrangement that allows penguins from the park’s three locations to fly Southwest gratis.

2. Homeless, Unemployed Cats Make Fresh Start at San Antonio Country Club
A group of previously unemployed felines found their life imbued with new purpose when they were relocated to the San Antonio Country Club, where they quickly set to work flushing out the club’s rodent population.

3. Furry Fellowship: Grapevine Pastor Ed Young Brings a Lion, Lamb to Easter Sermon
In his latest stunt, Ed Young Jr., everyone’s favorite megachurch pastor, brought a lion and a lamb on stage during his Easter sermon, drawing the attention of the Grapevine police, as the church failed to secure the required permit before bringing the lion inside the city.

4. Baby Rhinoceros Alert
Because nothing says cute like a baby rhinoceros butt. The Fort Worth Zoo celebrated the arrival of a baby one-horned rhinoceros in August. The zoo let members of the public vote to name the baby, and they picked “Asha.”

5. Feathery Friday: Giant Egg Laid in Abilene
Gawk at the “mutant super egg” laid by one poor Abilene hen.