Texan egos were dealt a devastating blow this month with news that the longest pair of longhorns in the world aren’t to be found in Amarillo or Midland or Lubbock. They’re in North Queensland, Australia, CNN reported.

JR, a seven-year-old Texas Longhorn, boasts horns that stretch 109 inches tip to tip. He claimed the Guinness World Record for longest horns in November.

According to JR’s owner Michael Bethel (who sports a thick mustache and a cowboy hat), the impressive beast is descended from pure Texas longhorn stock. Bethel’s Horseshoe B Longhorn Ranch is home to the largest herd of Texas longhorns in Australia, as well as a herd of water buffalo.

“Those Texans are probably out there hunting around now to find one that’s going to beat him. But until that day comes we’ll be proud to say he’s one of ours,” Bethel said.

It bears noting, however, that the last longhorn to hold this title wasn’t from Texas either—Shadow Jubilee, whose horns measure 88 inches, is from Ohio.