When I graduated from Notre Dame in 1983, I wanted to be a sportscaster. But at the time there were very few women doing that, so I had a difficult time finding a job. I answered some want ads in a broadcasting publication, and one of the advertisements was for a deejay. I made a demo tape and got a job at a hard-rock radio station in Corpus Christi. I spent my first six months out of college working as a deejay at C-101, where they changed my on-air name from Hannah Storen to Hannah Storm; it has stuck ever since. The station didn’t actually have its license in Corpus Christi, so I had to drive out to this tiny station in the middle of farm country near Sinton and Taft. My shift started at ten at night, but I would have to get there so early because I had to chase cows away from the front gate. Cows do not scare easy, so I would have to honk my horn and yell and moo and curse. It was just hysterical. It would take forever to get them out of the way.

Hannah Storm lived in Texas from 1983 to 1988. After a brief stint in Corpus Christi, she moved to Houston, where she was a sports reporter for various radio and television stations. Since 1992 she has been a reporter and host for NBC’s coverage of the NBA, the World Series, Wimbledon, and other major sporting events.