In August of 1995, a single pallet of Hatch peppers and one roaster arrived at the Central Market North Lamar in Austin. After just 10 minutes of roasting, there was a line of customers ordering pounds and pounds of these green gems.

Today, nineteen years later, more than 125 tons of peppers are trucked in from the Village of Hatch, New Mexico, to Central Market locations across Texas. The yearly celebration reached a whole new level in 2013 when the New Mexico Tourism Department deemed it the most authentic Hatch festival outside of New Mexico.

Hot days and cool nights give this chile a flavor all its own, but it is the Central Market Partners, with more than 100 years of combined roasting experience, who guarantee you’ll get the best roasted peppers outside of Hatch. But the flavor doesn’t stop there. No one brings you more ways to love Hatch peppers than Central Market. It started in 1995, when the sausagemeisters added Hatch peppers to the house-made sausages. Now Central Market offers more than 100 Hatch specialty items, from baked goods and cheeses to sauces and more.

Join the ranks of “Hatch Heads” already counting down the days until the roasters blaze up and these precious peppers hit the stores in early August.