Poncé Kiah Marchelle Heloise Cruse Evans, the domestic diva better known as Heloise, has dished household advice since taking over her mother’s syndicated newspaper column, Hints From Heloise, in 1977. Millions seek out the 59-year-old hintologist’s tips on everything from removing perspiration stains and making crispy pie crusts (both with vinegar) to repurposing pantyhose (as garden-stake ties) and coffee filters (as holders for messy tacos). The pantry in the San Antonio home she shares with her husband, David, is stocked like the shelves of a grocery store. “I can take a quick glance and see what’s missing,” says Heloise, who is also a contributing editor for Good Housekeeping. The floor of the pantry is another matter. Batteries, backup electronics, and other items find a home there when no other place will do.

• David has one cup in the morning, I have two. I’d rather spend more money and have good quality.

• I love fresh flowers, so I have all my vases in here.

• I got the eight-pack from Sam’s. If you know your family likes it and you have the money, stock it.

• Lazy Susan turntables are a space saver and allow you to see what you have and what you need. I have two in my refrigerator.

• I bought each type of spray lubricant to test the difference for Good Housekeeping.

• Purple is my favorite color. Things don’t walk off when they’re purple.

• It’s for the kitchen sink and nothing else.

• They were on sale—buy one, get one free. If you can stock up and you have the space, do it.

• This came from our place on the coast. It may have been David’s mother’s. I think we can afford a new one that’s greener and safer.

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