Coach Couture

Coaches still prefer shorts from time to time, but long pants are suddenly in fashion. The 10,600 coaches who attended this year’s coaching convention in Fort Worth were all dressed in polo shirts of varying hues, khaki, and loafers (tassels optional).

What Every Coach Wants for Christmas

End-zone cameras and digital scouting systems. At a cost of as much as $9,000, these high-tech gizmos can make a difference between a winning and a losing season.

Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Can’t . . .

It’s not P.E. anymore. The proper terms for what coaches teach are “kinesiology” or “motor skills.”

The Greatest

G. A. Moore, Jr., of defending state 2A champion Celina, has won 350 games in his 36 year career, more than any other active coach in Texas. How’d he do it? “I’ve been real fortunate, and I’ve been doing it a long time.” How’s his team look this year? “Kind of like every year, we’ve got a long way to go, but we have a lot of real good kids.”