Back in May, Kristen Tribe, an assistant editor at the Wise County Messenger, pointed out that the Lufkin Daily News’ Police Blotter, which is regularly highlighted here at the TM Daily Post, isn’t the only absurd chronicler of crime in the state. We immediately took a look at December through April of her paper’s blotter, and agreed. The crime of this rural area near the Metroplex was quirky. But was it just a fluke?  You be the judge. Read this selection of events from May through July:

April 30
“A woman filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office because she believes her husband might have lied to her about his actual name and date of birth.”

May 1
“A man reported that someone drove his tractor, which had been parked near Sunset, without permission.”

May 3
“A woman got into an argument with her soon-to-be ex-husband because he’s still living at the house.”

May 8
“Parents in Newark reported that their 7-year-old daughter was missing. It turned out that a neighbor had taken to the girl to dinner without notifying the parents first.”

May 11
“A man living near Bridgeport received a phone call from someone claiming they had deposited $10,000 into his mother’s bank account, and he must return $4,300 of it.”

May 11
“A 19-year-old man in Rhome started ‘tearing up his room’ after his parents served him with an eviction notice.”

May 16
“An intoxicated man was arrested after he tried to barricade himself in a bathroom stall and resfused to leave it at the roadside park between Alvord and Decatur.”

May 22
“A man reported to the sheriff’s office that he thinks a vehicle swerved at him.”

May 23
“A woman filed a report that someone used her tractor, and she didn’t want them to.”

May 24

“A woman in Newark reported that a neighbor attached a fence to her fence.”

May 25
“A woman reported that she had not heard from her husband all day.”

May 25
“A man reported that he found a knife in his rental car.”

May 26
“A man reported that he ‘felt shame’ after a ‘homosexual encounter.'”

May 28
“An unknown animal ‘destroyed’ a man’s vehicle.”

May 31
“A deer ran into the side of a deputy’s patrol vehicle.”

June 3
“A man living near New Fairview said his neighbor keeps trying to sneak into his home.”

June 8
“A woman notified the Boyd Police Department that her ex-husband has allowed their 13-year-old daughter to get her belly button pierced in Rhome.”

June 11
“A man reported that two of his grandsons were arguing with him.”

June 11
“A bulldozer was used without permission.”

June 12
“A man reported that his neighbor is stealing his pond water.”

June 17
“A man was arrested for physically assaulting his father at home on Father’s Day.”

June 17
“A family got into an argument over going to church.”

June 17
“A woman reported that her neighbor was ‘acting odd’ near a row of trees.”

June 20
“A woman filed a harassment report after receiving a greeting card from her estranged grandmother.”

June 22
“A man was seen doing yard work in the nude in a rural neighborhood north of Decatur.”

June 23
“A homeowner in Newark discovered that someone had moved his lawnmower. The suspect left a flashlight behind. The flashlight was taken into evidence for fingerprinting.”

June 24
“A man reported that someone was dumping rocks on his property without permission. He wasn’t mad about it; he just wanted them to call first.”

June 27
“Two cousins were roughhousing at a home in Lake Bridgeport and it got too serious.”

July 7
“Someone knocked hay off a trailer.”

July 11
“A suitcase was discovered in the middle of the street in Newark. It contained miscellaneous articles of clothing and probation paperwork.”

July 11
“Two men got into a disturbance and one man struck the other in the head with the claw end of a hammer.”

July 15
“Parties got into an argument over a refrigerator.”

July 16
“A woman reported she ‘may be pregnant by a guy she likes.’

July 20
“A man was hired to take a rancher’s cows to the Decatur Sale Barn. But the cows never made it to the sale because they allegedly jumped a fence before they could be rounded up.”

July 20
“A tip jar containing approximately $20 in bills and change was stolen from a snow cone stand.”

July 21
“A suspect attempted to siphon gas from a church bus parked at First Baptist in Chico.”

July 31
“A woman reported that pills were missing from a medicine bottle.”

July 31
“A man said he is being harassed by animal control.”

July 31
“A woman came home and found her dog dead. She suspected foul play.”

A collection of blotter items from August through October will be available later this week.