How about not judging a man based on a mistake in his past? As an employer, when you see that a man has a felony on his record, don’t automatically disqualify him—bring him in for an interview and hear him out on how he’s changed. Chances are, that man has overcome more trials and tribulations than you can imagine. One in fifteen Americans will be incarcerated in his or her lifetime. About 95 percent will be released back into society. Let’s all realize that they have served their time and offer them the greatest of human gifts: grace.

Rohr is the co-founder of the Prison Entrepreneurship Program, based in Houston.

(On the Web: ideas about criminal justice reform from Will Harrell, the ombudsman for the Texas Youth Commission; Lisa Graybill, the legal director of the Texas ACLU; and Ronnie Earle, the district attorney of Travis County from 1976 to 2008.)

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