The National Weather Service has given Texans yet another reason to say, “Thank God we don’t live in Oklahoma.” 

As Justin Juozapavicius of the Associated Press reported, the National Climatic Data Center, which had previously determined that Texas set a new national record for the hottest summer ever in 2011, now says Oklahoma was more scorched.

It had been reported that Texas had an average temperature of 86.8 degrees, and Oklahoma 86.5 degrees, but after collecting additional data from weather stations and field reports, those numbers were revised to 86.9 degrees in Oklahoma, and 86.7 degrees in Texas.

Either way, both states topped the previous record for hottest summer: 85.2 degrees, set in 1934 in Oklahoma—the height of the Dust Bowl. 

So while a difference of .2 degrees isn’t going to cool us off or water any crops, this is still one contest Texans should be quite happy to lose to its Red River neighbor. 

Unlike, say … the NBA Western Conference Finals