In late August, Hurricane Harvey came crashing onto our shores and changed Texas history forever. One of the costliest storms in U.S. history, it laid waste to entire communities along the Gulf coast. The rains that followed drenched Houston, and rivers and streams throughout the Eastern part of the state overflowed their bounds. It was a storm, and then a flood, like few others.

And yet, almost as soon as it brought its terrible destructive power to Texas, it unleashed something else, as well. Texans throughout the affected areas immediately showed their generosity, inventiveness, and bravery. Neighbors helped neighbors; strangers helped strangers. Ordinary people became heroes overnight.

This holiday season, Texas Monthly is proud to partner with the Emmy award-winning production company The Bear to release a special documentary, “Heroes from the Storm,” as a follow-up to our October cover story, and to remind everyone that, while the storm has passed, the work of rebuilding goes on. We encourage everyone to support local efforts, like Relief Gang in Houston, to help those affected by the storm as they travel the long road to recovery.

Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.