It would have been just another standard brain surgery for Dr. Dong Kim, a neurosurgeon at Memorial Hermann hospital, except this time, the hospital live tweeted the operation from its Twitter account. 

But don’t worry: Kim wasn’t holding the camera as he wielded the scalpel. According to Mashable, as Kim operated on a 21-year-old woman who had a “cavernous angioma in her right temporal lobe:” 

[A]team outside the room documented everything on social media. The posted videos to YouTube and photos to Pinterest, with a feed from Dr. Kim’s fiber optic camera providing an unprecedented view from inside the patient’s skull. A brain tumor specialist answered questions from the Twitter audience during the operation, and Storify presentations recapped all the action.

This was not the hospital’s first surgery live tweeting rodeo. A few months ago, they gave a heart surgery the similar social media treatment, amassing more than 125 million views, according to the hospital system’s digital marketing manager Natalie Camarata.

Miss the live tweets? Relive the surgery with the hospital’s Storify of the event, posted below: