In 1990, the Austin scene gave us Richard Linklater’s classic art-film Slacker. In 2012, it gives us something for YouTube.

That’s right: our politically correct, high-tech, hipster-laden, breakfast taco-loving, street-mispronouncing capital city joined the “Sh*t ____ Say” meme over MLK Day weekend, and by the time that people got to work on Tuesday, it had racked up more than 100,000 views, which is surely more people than saw Slacker in its first run at the Dobie.

Watch the clip below:

Shocking though this statement is, it’s even worth reading the comments (that’s rightwe just told you to read YouTube comments), which include such observations and additions as: “More like ‘Shit People Who Moved To Austin Say” (something the video actuallly acknowledges with its first line); “‘Austin was so much cooler in the 90s.’ That’s funny. In the 80’s I used to say ‘Austin was so much cooler in the 70s;'” and, in a very of-the-moment reference, “Is that Robert Plant?” 

On the Texas Monthly Facebook page, Ed Radikie suggested, “Needs a dig at Dallas being pretentious and materialistic; the height of hypocrisy.”

Which does raise one obvious question: who out there is gonna give us Sh*t Dallasites or Houstonians say? Amarilloans? East Texans? Or did we just come up with the next “Where I’m From” film contest entry?