Imagine having an entire room, filled with the very latest technology, designed and built to your specific needs. The 24 surgical suites in the new Clements University Hospital were designed to get patients through surgery as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

“And it’s all about patient safety,” says Dr. John Mansour, Surgical Oncologist at UT Southwestern.

Advanced videoconferencing capabilities in each suite allow for real-time discussions among surgeons, pathologists, and other team members – while surgery is in progress.

“Our pathologists can make their interpretations, then send us pictures on huge, flat-screen monitors in the operating room, and we never have to leave the patient’s side. It’s really a great advantage,” Dr. Mansour says.

Combination imaging-operating rooms, labs directly connected to operating rooms, and a specially designed system to carry blood samples and other lab work to the pathology lab for analysis are among the innovations designed to keep UT Southwestern at the leading edge of clinical care.