1. John Nance Garner of Uvalde was vice president under Franklin D. Roosevelt. Why was he called Cactus Jack?
a. He had a notoriously prickly disposition.
b. He supported the production of prickly pear cactus as a food source.
c. He wanted the prickly pear blossom to be the state flower.
d. His white hair stuck out in spikes.

2. Judge Roy Bean was a 19th-century jurist whose Langtry courtroom was the Jersey Lilly saloon. By what moniker was he better known?
a. The Great Compromiser
b. The Law West of the Pecos
c. The Hanging Judge
d. His Dishonor

3. In 1948 Lyndon Baines Johnson beat Coke Stevenson in the Democratic primary for U.S. senator by a mere 87 votes. What was LBJ dubbed as a result?
a. Landslide Lyndon
b. Stonewall Johnson
c. The Duke of Duval
d. Lucky Lyndy

4. At the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston’s troops surprised Santa Anna’s because the Mexican general was distracted by the attentions of a comely mulatto named Emily Morgan. What song did she later inspire?
a. “La Cucaracha”
b. “Goin’ Back to Houston”
c. “The Yellow Rose of Texas”
d. “Mexicali Rose”

5. William A.A. Wallace was a soldier, an Indian fighter, and an early Texas Ranger. What was his nickname?
a. Black Jack
b. Buffalo
c. Bashful
d. Bigfoot

Match the Texas-born celebrity with her real name.
6. Dale Evans A. Vickie Lynn Hogan
7. Joan CrawfordB. Patsy Ann McClenny
8. Ginger RogersC. Lucille Wood Smith
9. Morgan FairchildD. Lucille LeSueur
10. Anna Nicole SmithE. Virginia McMath


Food and Drink

11. In the 1880’s San Antonio women sold a tasty stew of meat and peppers at outside stands. Their creation is now the Texas state dish. How do you properly spell its name?
a. Chile
b. Chilly
c. Chilli
d. Chili

12. Which of the following snack foods was invented in San Antonio in 1932?
a. The fried pork rind
b. The potato chip
c. The cow chip
d. The Frito

13. What beverage was created by a Waco pharmacist in 1885?
a. Coca-Cola
b. Big Red
c. Dr Pepper
d. 7-Up

14. What are mountain oysters?
a. Texas-size oysters
b. Illegally harvested oysters
c. Freshwater mussels
d. Calf testicles

15. The liquor mescal is similar to tequila but is far less refined. What is found in the bottom of a bottle of mescal?
a. A worm
b. A pearl onion
c. A jalapeño
d. A pebble


True or False

16. Billy the Kid was a Texas outlaw.
17. Horny toads can squirt blood from their eyes.
18. A ten-gallon hat holds five gallons.
19. Ann Richards was Texas’ first female governor.
20. “The Eyes of Texas” is the state song.



21. Life in the West Texas oil fields inspired V. T. Hamlin to create which of the following comic strips?
a. Tumbleweeds
b. Alley Oop
c. The Far Side
d. Rick O’Shay

22. “Texas toast” is thick-sliced grilled bread. What is “Texas tea”?
a. Beer
b. Whiskey
c. Sewage
d. Oil

23. How did TV host Phyllis George get her start in the entertainment business?
a. She was one of the original Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
b. She won the Miss America pageant.
c. She married one of the Osmond brothers.
d. She was a newscaster for a Denton television station.

24. Which of the following Hollywood cowboys is the only native Texan?
a. Gene Autry
b. Tom Mix
c. Roy Rogers
d. John Wayne

25. While dancing the cotton-eyed Joe, what do you yell as a response to the bandleader’s query of “What you say?”
a. “Yeehaw!”
b. “Go, Joe!”
c. “Bullshit!”
d. “Alamo!”