Jason: I got my first movie role the summer of my junior year. Jeremy wanted to go to this audition in Dallas for The Man in the Moon, and he talked me into driving him. I didn’t want to go because I had a date with my girlfriend, but I was the one who ended up getting the part.

Jeremy: We told everyone at school that Jason did a movie over the summer, and everybody was like, “Uh-huh, sure he did.” They treated us differently once they realized we were telling the truth, but for a long time they assumed we were lying. They didn’t want to believe it because we lived in a trailer park, and they thought we were just poor little trailer trash.

Jason: That’s basically how our careers got started. A year and a half after that, Jeremy got a part on the series I’ll Fly Away, and we were off and running.

Jeremy: Six weeks before graduation, Jason called me from L.A. and told me about I’ll Fly Away. So I made a tape, got the part, and wound up dropping out of school. I was so angry. The only reason I didn’t go to L.A. with Jason was because I wanted to finish high school. I had worked hard that year and had just completed my senior thesis. Two days after I turned it in, I got the part and thought, “Okay, you’re outta here.” I never ever found out my grade.

Identical twins Jason and Jeremy London moved to DeSoto when they were in the eighth grade and attended DeSoto High School. Jason has appeared in such films as Dazed and Confused and Carrie 2. Jeremy has appeared in Mallrats and The Babysitter and currently stars on FOX’s Party of Five.