A new Papa John’s commercial reveals that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is every bit as good at rapping as many fans think he is at being an NFL general manager.  

“It’s bad enough to make the Bears’ ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ sound like a Jay-Z hit,” wrote Justin Tasch of the New York Daily News.

“[A]s a rapper … Jones is going to have to practice to get up to Weird Al Yankovic level, and Weird Al’s a pretty good businessman, too,” notes Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports’ Shutdown Corner, in naming the clip “Regrettable Video of the Day.”

As Farrar pointed out, this is no endorsement deal, or simple Cowboys-pizza partnership. Jones is actually a Papa John’s part-owner and franchisee, part of a joint venture called “Star Papa.” 

According to Gary Jacobson of the Dallas Morning News, at the time of Super Bowl XLV, in 2011, Jones and his family owned “a 49 percent stake in 75 Texas Papa John’s stores primarily in North Texas. Papa John’s, a sponsor of the Cowboys and the NFL, owns 51 percent. “

Jones also owns one-third of the Cowboys Stadium concessionaire. So when you buy a slice of Papa John’s during a home game, he makes money in three different ways: as team owner, as a concessions owner, and as a Papa John’s owner.

Scott Bell of the Morning News reminds that this is really nothing new for Jerry. In 2005 he did an equally disturbing Papa John’s ad centered around breakdancing. Can you say stunt double?