Thanks to the good works of America’s paparazzi, the world now is blessed with photos of Joel Osteen’s pasty-yet-toned physique. The Houston televangelist and future reality television star showed off his six pack while paddleboarding during a family vacation in Hawaii. 

TMZ is totally pumped about Joel Osteen’s abs: “Osteen hit the beach in Hawaii this week for a little family vacation time with his wife Victoria, his son Jonathan, his daughter Alexandra … and a SHREDDED SIX PACK!!!” The Daily Mail also was impressed: “While his sermons have been criticised in some quarters for lacking biblical reference, few would raise issue with his honed and toned frame. Joel … is not only a Godly being, he is also something [of] a health enthusiast.”

“And the Lord said, let there be abs,” Richard Connelly offered as a caption for the photo at Houston Press‘s Hairballs blog.

Are Osteen’s abs a gift from God or did he have to work for them? Well, Houston Chronicle religion blogger Kate Shellnutt points out that 48-year-old Osteen makes bike riding and basketball a regular part of his routine. And back in 2007, Osteen showcased his bench pressing prowess, lifting over two hundred pounds during an interview with 60 Minutes. And perhaps Osteen himself attends Lakewood Church’s weekly “Praisercise” dance class.