Gospel sensation Kirk Franklin doesn’t like to travel. He would much rather be at home in Arlington with his wife, Tammy, and their four children. But the seven-time Grammy Award winner, who has sold more than 12 million albums, will see his hectic schedule get even more so when he goes on tour to promote his new book, The Blueprint: A Plan for Living Above Life’s Storms. “My main message is to preach God’s word, pure and truthful,” says Franklin. “But also make it swaggalicious.” To do that, he spends 25 weeks a year speaking and singing in places like Budapest, Tokyo, and Warsaw. While he’s away, he stays in constant contact with Tammy and the kids. “I call that woman like I’m around the corner,” he says. “My phone bill is four thousand dollars when I’m out of the country.” His carry-on bag is always filled with plenty of snacks and books and, most important, his phones.

That’s the Mac for the mack. I’m just kidding.

If I fall asleep, I use Wet Ones to freshen up.

I have two phones. One is for Tammy, the kids, close friends, and family, and the other one is strictly for business.

Tammy bought this for me for either Father’s Day or Christmas. It comes on every trip.

I try to eat healthy on the road. I pack my own snacks.

Sometimes on a flight I’ll get stuffy because of the altitude, and I have to take some Aleve.

Newsweek and Time are how I stay current and fresh on what’s going on around me.

I try to carry my Bible all the time, and try to read it often.

When I read something that’s good and I want to use it as a point later, I highlight it.

Max Lucado is a pastor from San Antonio, and I’ve been reading his book Fearless. I dig Max; he’s really dope.

When you’re on a plane for six or seven hours, it’s more comfortable to not wear your shoes.


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