MOONSTRUCKLuna” means “moon” in Italian and Spanish, but San Antonio newcomer Luna Blue Café will be on my must-visit list way more often than once in a blue moon. To begin with, the service at this bright, light ristorante is excellent—the waiters watched our table like hawks, and the manager whipped off his jacket and draped it over my shoulders when I groused that the air conditioning had gone into overdrive. Then there’s the menu: Everything on it sounds delicious and intriguing. Mild-mannered steamed mussels got a kick from Spanish chorizo and red jalapeños (several other Mediterranean-influenced dishes also have a Mexican accent). A thyme-scented roasted portobello cap came with an irresistible heap of soft polenta, a disk of pan-seared goat cheese, and a fantastic, nutty sherry vinaigrette instead of the usual boring balsamic. I loved my veal piccata with caperberries in a white wine-lemon sauce (though classy veal slices would have been nicer than tenderized cutlets), and I’ll be swooning over Luna Blue’s satiny chocolate-hazelnut tart for many moons.