We’re not sure if more strange things necessarily happen in Lufkin than in other small towns, but the person behind the Lufkin Daily News police blotter has a great appreciation for the absurd. (Learn more about Lufkin Daily News crime reporter Jessica Cooley here).

January 24
A yellow Fender guitar was reported stolen after its owner left it inside a washeteria. The owner told police that when he came back the next day to get the guitar it was gone.

January 22
A Lufkin man found hiding in a children’s plastic playhouse was arrested after allegedly being involved in a fight.

January 16
A Lufkin man pushing a wheelbarrow full of scrap metal away from the scene of an alleged crime was arrested and charged with theft after being spotted by an officer. The wheelbarrow contained steel pipe and copper wire allegedly stolen from a nearby business.

January 14
Package of cigarettes only thing reported stolen in a late-night break-in of a business.

January 13 
Two brothers were arrested Saturday morning after they allegedly assaulted each other during an argument over sweeping the floor.

January 10
A plastic ink pen was reported stolen around 3 a.m. Thursday from a home. The reporting officers did not see signs of a break-in.

January 6 
A woman reported that her child’s computer tablet was taken Saturday afternoon while they were dining at a restaurant.

January 4
A person was arrested after crossing the road several times without using a crosswalk after being warned by police.

January 2
An alleged thief drank half a can of Sprite and then ran out of a store with carpet cleaner.

January 1
A man was accused of DWI after falling asleep behind the wheel in a Whataburger drive-thru.