We’re not sure if more strange things necessarily happen in Lufkin than in other small towns, but the person behind the Lufkin Daily News police blotter has a great appreciation for the absurd. (Learn more about Lufkin Daily News crime reporter Jessica Cooley here.) 

The crime in Lufkin ranges from the very mundane to the very bizarre, and nearly each day the blotter contains a new gem. We’ve compiled our favorites from September below:

September 30
A man was arrested for allegedly stealing 21 boxes of over-the-counter sleep aid medication valued at $141 from Walmart.

September 30
Assault was reported when two cousins were arguing and one spit on the other.

September 30 
A restaurant reported that chicken and hot sauce had been stolen Saturday night.

September 27
A thousand dollars was reportedly stolen from a man while he was sleeping.

September 24
Someone told Lufkin Police that they saw a man wearing a black ski mask pour gasoline onto the complainant’s vehicle, then attempted to ignite the gasoline. The man reportedly fled the area driving a green Ford Taurus.

September 24  
A man reported finding a driver’s license in his yard while mowing.

September 23
Criminal trespass and obscene display or distribution was reported by a woman. She said someone had been knocking on her window during the night Saturday and that she later discovered pornography in her mailbox.

September 21
An intoxicated man was seen walking around with a large knife in his pants.

September 21
Bushes were damaged Thursday.

September 16
An adult reportedly threw a block of cheese at a child Saturday.

September 15
A man was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after he was found trying to bathe himself with water on the road.

September 12  
Food items were destroyed inside a restaurant broken into overnight Tuesday.

September 9  
A complainant reported being tapped on the forehead during a verbal altercation Saturday.

September 6
A man reported finding a fist-shaped dent in his truck roof.

September 2
A mailman told Lufkin Police that he was threatened by a homeowner who threw a toy at him Saturday.