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Meanwhile in Texas …

Some of the craziest headlines you might have missed over the past month.

By August 2017Comments

A Cypress woman underwent plastic surgery so she would look like Melania Trump.

A woman in Waco called 911 from a fast-food drive-through because her order of chicken nuggets was taking too long.

Harris County sheriff’s deputies discovered six hundred pounds of methamphetamine lollipops in a Houston-area home, worth nearly $1 million.

Aid worker and Texas A&M grad David Eubank rescued a young Iraqi girl by carrying her through gunfire on the streets of Mosul.

When Dallas police responded to a call from a woman who thought someone was breaking into her car, they found two loose cows by the vehicle instead of a burglar.

An Austin man sitting in the passenger seat of a friend’s car seriously wounded a bicyclist when he allegedly fired a shotgun at him just to “blow off steam.

A Euless woman was surprised to receive a letter from her health insurer claiming that she had passed away.

After their wedding was postponed because the groom required surgery, an Amarillo couple decided to get married in the hospital room.

A man in Odessa legally changed his name from Ernesto Acosta to Ernesto Trump.

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  • TL

    My wife and I are trying to understand how the heroic rescue of a child in Iraq fits on your list.

    “One of these things is not like the other…”?

    Maybe we are too steeped in the Texas Monthly tradition of bum steers. Everything in your list should be a nominee for bum steer. Except, of course, rescuing a child in a war zone.

    We kept trying to figure out the joke. Was it an Aggie joke? Did he make a wrong turn and expose the child to enemy fire? What did Eubank do that should be mocked and derided? Why include a heroic deed on a list of stupid behaviors?

    Ultimately, it just seems like you are mocking a hero. I can only assume that this is not your intent. It just seems so.