Lt. Regina Smith, who moonlights as the rapper ‘Lucille Baller,’ was put on administrative leave Wednesday. Department officials are conducting an investigation sparked by a lyric in one of Smith’s songs about shooting people that mess with her, according to WFAA-TV Dallas.

Smith raps, “Don’t push Ms. Lucy, because you won’t like the consequences. Lucy got a drawer full of all day suckers. Mess with me or I will shoot a [expletive], cuz Lucille Baller has been to hell and back.”

The controversial lyrics appeared in a music video that Smith posted on Big Rush In Global Media LLC, the website of the record label and production company she founded in memory of her late husband.  Senior Cpl. Norman Smith, also a Dallas police officer, was killed in the line of duty in 2009. He was nicknamed the “Big Russian.” (Big Rush In, Big Russian. Get it?)

Another video on the website featured Smith talking with friends about being taken advantage of by people in the music industry, according to the Associated Press. Holding a bullet in her hand, Smith says, “You know what I would do to somebody who try to take advantage of me? You see this bullet right here? I’ll stick it from their rooter to the tooter and bring it out.” Smith later produces an unloaded revolver, which she calls “Miss Lucy,” and practices firing it at a silhouette target.

Smith removed the videos and notified her superiors about her website on Tuesday after local media outlets contacted her for comment, wrote Tanya Eiserer of the The Dallas Morning News.

Smith, who commands two units of detectives that investigate burglary and theft, is currently under the scrutiny of DPD Internal Affairs. Threatening figure or not, questions are being raised as to whether her conduct is appropriate for a police officer. Eiserer points out that the department’s code of conduct states:

No employee shall engage in any conduct which adversely affects the morale or efficiency of the department or which has a tendency to adversely affect, lower or destroy public respect and confidence in the department or officer.

The Dallas Police Department has made no official comment on the case.

The story has gained quite a bit of attention, even as far away as England, where, at the Daily Mail online, you can see some screenshots of the controversial scenes.

WATCH Lucille Baller rap: