Just as George W. Bush’s knowledge has been put to the test, so should that of Bum Steer readers. Answer these questions correctly and you can leave here with a million Bum Steer awards:

Part A. World Leaders. How did George W. Bush answer these questions?

1. Can you name the president of Taiwan? (a) Chiang Kai-shek (b) Confucius (c) Sun Yat-sen (d) Lee

2. Can you name the president of Chechnya? (a) No, can you? (b) Yisgadal V’yiskadash (c) Aslan Maskhadov (d) Lee

3. Can you name the prime minister of India? (a) No, can you name the foreign minister of Mexico? (b) Mowgli (c) Atal Behari Vajpayee (d) Lee

4. Can you name the general who’s in charge of Pakistan? (a) Wait a minute, is this a fifty questions? (b) Bhutto (c) Pervaiz Musharraf (d) Lee

Part B. World Geography. What did George W. Bush call the following peoples?

5. The East Timorese? (a) East Timorians (b) East Timorites (c) East Timorese (d) Lee

6. The Greeks? (a) Grecians (b) El Grecos (c) Greeks (d) Lee

7. The Kosovars? (a) Kosovarians (b) Kosovoskis (c) Kosovars (d) Lee

Part C. College Transcript. What grade did George W. Bush receive at Yale for:

8. Economics? (a) 72 (b) pass (c) fail (d) Lee

9. Introduction to International Relations? (a) 71 (b) incomplete (c) retake in 1999 (d) Lee

Bush’s answers 1:d (which is correct); 2-7: all a (c is correct); 8-9: both a.