Twenty-hour workdays are not the only trials that Nicholas Gonzalez must endure. The San Antonio native’s acting career took off last June after he won the role of the boxer- medical student in Showtime’s acclaimed series Resurrection Blvd., and since then the hunky actor has learned the pitfalls of fame firsthand. “My sister is fourteen years old, and she goes to an all-girls school in San Antonio,” he says. “I went to pick her up and got mobbed. Even the mothers were asking for autographs.” This was not the future the 25-year-old had always envisioned for himself. But while attending Stanford University, Gonzalez took his first acting class and promptly received a series of theater roles for which he hadn’t auditioned. “There are these points that come in your life, and many times we step by them because they’re outside of our comfort zone,” he says. “And I figured, ‘You know what? I’m going to do it.’ And that changed everything.” Since moving to Los Angeles in 1998, he has gone on to play opposite Joe Mantegna in the Lifetime movie My Little Assassin, and he recently landed a role in the feature film Scenes of the Crime, co-starring Jeff Bridges, Noah Wyle, and Jon Abrahams. His ordeals, no doubt, will continue.