“C” why it was a bad year.

CRUSHED. Garry Mauro suffered the worst defeat of any Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Texas history, losing to George W. Bush by 1.4 million votes and getting just 31 percent of the vote.

CATAPULTED. Tommy Lee Jones was banged up when he was thrown from his horse during a polo match; his pride was wounded when his film U.S. Marshals, the sequel to The Fugitive, was less than a smashing success.

CANNED. Tom Penders, the most successful basketball coach in University of Texas history, was abruptly fired after players complained about his coaching and the grades of one player were released to the media.

CUT LOOSE. Dominique Moceanu, the seventeen-year-old Olympic gymnast who lives in Houston, went to court to get control of her own affairs; a month later she went back to court to get a protective order against her father, whom she accused of stalking her.

COURTSHIPWRECKED. Farrah Fawcett, a native of Corpus Christi, sued her ex-boyfriend, director James Orr, for battery and broke off a relationship with another beau after the private investigator she had hired discovered that he had served time for sexual battery.