In ten years as a professional photographer for publications like the New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Texas Monthly, Danny Turner has shot his share of heavyweight politicians, from Al Gore to Ann Richards, and they have often been tough to shoot. “Sometimes you can only take as good a picture as they’ll allow,” says the 42-year-old Dallasite. “There are always a ton of restrictions.” This month’s subject, George W. Bush, proved the point. Turner wanted to shoot the Texas governor in a way that played off of his possible presidential aspirations, but Bush was reluctant to strike such a pose. He insisted on being photographed in his office and nixed Turner’s attempt to use a suggestive prop. “We found this great book at the library. It was all-white with black type and was called The Pursuit of the White House. We wanted him to hold it while looking thoughtfully at the cover. We gave him our best sales pitch, and he listened patiently. But he said, ‘No thanks. Nice try, though.’” Ever resourceful, Turner managed to sneak in the presidential theme by shooting Bush underneath a portrait of George Washington. “I’m not sure he made the connection,” says Turner.