Designer Judy Aldridge (mother of Jane, as in Sea of Shoes Jane) posts photos of new pieces from her revived clothing line Atlantis Dry Goods (formerly Atlantis Underground) and updates on what’s new.

Launched in 2005 by Dallasite Tina Craig and L.A.–based Kelly Cook as a way to keep each other posted on their fashion purchases, Bagsnob has since morphed into the definitive authority on designer pocketbooks—and totes and clutches and satchels and wallets. With their characteristic honesty, the ladies analyze the latest It bags with such wit and precision that no discerning shopper would dare swipe her credit card without first consulting the blog’s rigorous reviews. Note: They have expanded their empire to include Beautysnob, Totsnob, and Couturesnob

New York magazine’s The Cut tells it like it is—straight from the fashion capital of the world.

Seventeen-year-old Jane Aldridge’s passion is shoes (think Martin Margiela sandal boots and Prada spat heels). She took it to the next level and started blogging about her love of footwear and posting photos of her outfits and fashion inspirations. Her musings have become so popular that she’s been featured in Teen Vogue twice and has recently designed a line of shoes for Urban Outfitters.

The team at this ultra-hip boutique in Dallas are right on, providing the latest on trends in jewelry, clothes, shoes, and more.