Central Market is a different sort of grocery store. It has been ever since the first store opened in Austin in 1994 and its globe-trotting team of Partners began bringing new, unique, and innovative foods from around the world to Texans.

 First of all—Central Market looked different. Emulating a European market, the store had winding paths that led from colorful displays of seasonal produce, to butchers and bakers, to wheels upon wheels of cheeses.

 What was even more shocking at the time: the shelves were not stocked with typical grocery store products like diet cola or detergent. Industry experts were sure it was a concept destined to fail. Au contraire.

 Right from the start Central Market created a sense of community and a meeting place for people who simply love food. Community rooms, cooking classes, and live music changed the whole idea of what a grocery store was. And with each new store (there are nine now!) Central Market continues to be a place of discovery where seasoned experts, enthusiastic eaters, and everyone in between can celebrate life through the fun of food.