On Monday thousands of women inundated Governor Rick Perry’s Facebook page with snarky questions and comments about menstruation and women’s health. The comments mock “Dr. Perry” for his fixation on reproductive issues, and “many of the comments are from women facetiously seeking advice on their menstrual periods, since he’s styled himself as an expert on women’s health,” Lori Stahl wrote at the Washington Post.

The anger stems from Perry’s decision last week to turn down $40 million federal funding for the Medicaid Women’s Health Program so that the money would not go to Planned Parenthood clinics. Experts have estimated that this decision, combined with $73 million in cuts made by the Texas legislature last session, will leave some 400,000 low-income Texas women without access to women’s healthcare.

“Perry’s Facebook bomb is actually part of a larger effort to “sarcasm-flood” the pages of politicians who are currently pushing anti-abortion or anti-women’s health measures,” the Dallas Observer‘s Anna Merlan pointed out.

The comments have since been removed, but not before they were immortalized on the internet. (See screenshots at BuzzFeed, Business Insider, and Houston PressHair Balls.) A selection of Facebook comments follow below:

  • Governor, I have this unusual discharge, but I don’t have any health insurance right now. You’re an expert in women’s health – could you take a look?
  • Thank you SO much for taking charge of our health decisions…I didn’t realize you were a gynecologist in your spare time!!
  • Mr. Perry, as a black woman who is also a single mother, I was wondering if you would consider legislation that would require women to go to a Red Hut during their periods, followed by required cleansing in holy water (preferably from the Euphrates.) as mandated in Leviticus
  • Rick, How do you feel about the new comfort glide OB Tampons? I’m having a real hard time with them, one sneeze and they shoot right out. Do you think you could have them repealed for me?
  • I’ve been using the pill for over 6 years since I became sexually active with the man who is now my husband. Not having children has allowed us to continue our educations, start our careers, and travel. Since I have denied about 72 eggs their chance to become human beings, can you tell me what level of Hell I am destined for? I just want to be prepared. Thanks.
  • Hey man, I was thinking about going out tonight and ruining healthcare for some women. I know that’s a hobby of yours, so you wanna come with
  • Governor Perry, Do you think it’s true that 100% of all pregnancies in the United States were caused by men? And if so, do you have a proposal to deal with them? Thank you so much for your time and expertise.