Do you suspect that your friends hit the “delete” key whenever they see that you’ve e-mailed them the usual lame, out-of-focus pictures from your vacation? You’re right—which is why you might want to sign up for the Travel and Food Photography Workshop in Mexico this March. Under the keen eyes of photographer Ignacio Urquiza and cookbook author Marilyn Tausend—who collaborated on the gorgeous México the Beautiful and Savoring Mexico cookbooks—you and up to eleven other participants will snap your way through the plazas, markets, and byways of Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s loveliest cities. Every evening, Urquiza will lead a group critique of the day’s pictures, both digital and film. Time will be allotted for sightseeing, and just for fun, workshop members can take hands-on classes in tamale- and mole-making. An added bonus: Your friends won’t groan the next time an e-mail from you pops up. For more information on the trip (March 16 to 21; $2,100), go to PATRICIA SHARPE