1. Texas covers about 267,000 square miles. How much bigger is Alaska?

a. half again as big
b. more than twice as big
c. more than three times as big
d. only 39,000 square miles bigger

2. After Alaska became a state, one line of the state song, “Texas, Our Texas,” had to be changed. What word was substituted for “largest”?

a. finest
b. grandest
c. brightest
d. boldest

3. Alaska was the 49th state to join the Union. What is Texas’ rank?

a. 19th
b. 28th
c. 29th
d. 34th


4. Which of these statements about Texas governors is untrue?

a. Sam Houston died of pneumonia.
b. James Hogg died of complications from injuries received in a train wreck.
c. Dan Moody died when he fell off his horse.
d. Beauford Jester died of a heart attack.

5. Before W. Lee O’Daniel became governor, he owned a Fort Worth flour mill whose products he hawked on a radio show. What famous Texan was once part of his band?

a. Jimmie Rodgers
b. Ernest Tubb
c. Dale Evans
d. Bob Wills

6. What relation was former U.S. senator Tom Connally of Texas to former governor John Connally?

a. father and son
b. brothers
c. cousins
d. no relation

7. What Texas governor weighed almost three hundred pounds?

a. Ann Richards
b. Miriam Ferguson
c. James Ferguson
d. James Hogg


Match the singer with the woman chronicled in song:

8. Kenny Rogers
9. Red River Dave McEnery
10. Buddy Holly
11. Leadbelly
12. Debbie Reynolds

a. “Peggy Sue”
b. “Goodnight, Irene”
c. “Tammy”
d. “Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight”
e. “Ruby (Don’t Take Your Love to Town)”

13. Marion Try Slaughter of Jefferson was an early country singer who chose a new name based on the names of Texas towns. As whom do we remember him today?

a. Temple Houston
b. Vernon Dalhart
c. Dallas “Dimebox” Tyler
d. Lufkin “Lobo” Littlefield

14. Which cowboy song was also the original title of Lonesome Dove?

a. “Get Along, Little Dogies”
b. “Home on the Range”
c. “The Streets of Laredo”
d. “Red River Valley”

15. Which of the following songs was not a hit for Texas singer-actor Gene Autry?

a. “Back in the Saddle Again”
b. “T.B. Blues”
c. “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
d. “That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine”


16. The classic TV hero the Lone Ranger was originally:

a. a Texas Ranger
b. a Confederate soldier
c. a rancher wrongfully accused of murder
d. a former deputy who fought a corrupt sheriff

17. Which of the following veteran actresses never appeared as a regular on Dallas?

a. Susan Lucci
b. Barbara Eden
c. Barbara Feldon
d. Tina Louise

Match the actor with the Texas-set television show in which he appeared:

18. Robert Culp
19. Jeffrey Hunter
20. Michael Pare
21. Dennis Weaver

a. Temple Houston
b. Buck James
c. Houston Knights
d. Trackdown

22. What actress appeared in a regular role in both Dallas and Walker, Texas Ranger?

a. Priscilla Presley
b. Sheree J. Wilson
c. Barbara Carrera
d. Gayle Hunnicutt

23. Actors Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and Gary Busey (The Buddy Holly Story) starred as brothers in a comedy that lasted only one season. What was the name of the show?

a. Whistlin’ Dixie
b. Lone Star Livin’
c. The Texas Wheelers
d. The Wheeler Dealers

24. Cybill Shepherd played a young, beautiful, widowed Texas rancher in what prime-time soap?

a. The Yellow Rose
b. Brewster County
c. Texas Annie
d. Sunlighting

25. Fess Parker played Davy Crockett in Walt Disney’s phenomenally successful TV series Disneyland in the mid-fifties. Who played his sidekick Georgie Russel?

a. Jeff York
b. Chuck Connors
c. Keenan Wynn
d. Buddy Ebsen


Answers: 1, b. 2, d. 3, b. 4, c. 5, d. 6, d. 7, d. 8, e. 9, d. 10, a. 11, b. 12, c. 13, b. 14, c. 15, b. 16, a. 17, c. 18, d. 19, a. 20, c. 21, b. 22, b. 23, c. 24, a. 25, d.