Banh, the Bomb Wondering where to find a bánh mì, the small, tasty Vietnamese sandwich you’ve been hearing about lately? It’s gaining a following among folks outside the Asian community. Typically served on a split, toasted baguette, this morsel is spread with mayonnaise and pork pté and then piled with a scrumptious combination of marinated carrots, cucumber, cilantro, sliced jalapeños, and your choice of meat, such as shredded roast pork or chicken. Because it’s prepared to order, bánh mì is fresh and delicious; most people don’t stop at just one. Fortunately, the normal price is less than $5, so that’s not a problem. In Dallas try them at Ba Le French Sandwich (4812 Bryan, 214-826-7729) or Vietnam Restaurant (4302 Bryan, 214-821-4542). Houston’s Mo Mong (1201 Westheimer, 713-524-5664) serves tasty varieties. And in Austin, Tam’s Deli (8222 N. Lamar, 512-834-6458) offers an array of bánh mì selections, including shrimp and Vietnamese ham, starting at a mere $2.50.