Smell of Success
Everybody knows about heirloom tomatoes and apples, the historic varieties that have endured for decades or even centuries in garden plots and back yards. But heirloom garlic? Some fifteen years ago, Hallettsville native Anton Bujnoch’s sister bought several heads of garlic at a market in Mexico (nobody remembers the city anymore). She took the garlic home and cooked with it for family and friends. Everybody agreed that this particular garlic was outstandingly strong, pungent, and flavorful. Anton and his wife, Emma, liked it so much that they planted some cloves and, since then, have raised a crop every year on their farm. Four years ago, word of the Bujnochs’ garlic reached Larry Butler and Carol Ann Sayle, the owners of Boggy Creek Farm, a small organic-produce purveyor in Austin. The husband-and-wife team became friends with the Hallettsville couple and asked if they could propagate their garlic. In the four years since, the Bujnoch garlic has acquired something of a cult following. This year Butler and Sayle have planted 1,800 linear feet, the most ever, which they expect to have for sale from about the end of April through early July. Asked to elaborate on the garlic’s properties, Butler has four words: “It’ll rock you back.” 3414 Lyons Road, Austin, 512-926-4650; Open Wednesday and Saturday only, 9-2.