The word “retirement” isn’t in Billy Joe “Red” McCombs’s vocabulary. The 82-year-old businessman, whose entrepreneurial ventures have ranged from owning car dealerships and the San Antonio Spurs to co-founding media conglomerate Clear Channel Communications, typically works sixty hours a week, Monday through Saturday, at his office in San Antonio. “I’ve been high-energy since the day I was born,” says McCombs. One thing that remains static, however, is lunch. Always present in his mini-fridge are cheddar cheese, salad dressing, and a block of bologna, which he slices thick to wrap in iceberg lettuce. “I’m low-carb,” says McCombs. He eats in his office three or four times a week, surrounded by family photos and the sounds of Hank Williams or Julio Iglesias on his CD player.

On the Counter

• I love peanut butter on apples.

• I’ve got eight grandkids. These (pictured on the mug) are three of them, and they live here in San Antonio.

On the Shelves

• I get block bologna from H-E-B. Just about everything comes from there.

• I’m a pickle freak. These are from a friend in Kansas. I give jars of them as gifts.

• This drives my wife, Charline, nuts. I unwrap cheddar cheese from the plastic and wrap it in paper towels to keep it in the fridge. She wouldn’t let me in the house if I did this at home.

• These beef ribs from Barbed Wire are very good. You can’t get beef ribs many places.

• This barbecue sauce is made by the guy who used to be the office doorman. I like the tartness of his sauce, but I won’t use it if I’ve already put on my famous meat rub, Red’s Rub.

In the Door

• I’m a “streak drinker.” I’ll get on a Coke Zero streak and drink it for three weeks straight. Then I’ll move on to Diet Dr Pepper and only drink that for a while.

• If I’m not eating a bologna wrap, I put these bacon bits—real bacon bits—on top of lettuce with salad dressing. Then I just eat the bologna in hunks on the side.


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