Director: Howard Hawks
Plot: Tensions flare on a cattle drive.

Excerpts from our roundtable discussion:

RAPP: What about Red River?

LEAGUE: It’s a little too ham-handed. The complexity of issues in The Searchers is more interesting.

BLOOM: But John Wayne is a meaner son of a bitch in Red River. Even Walter Brennan doesn’t like him, and Walter Brennan likes everybody. But I get the impression that if a western makes this list, it’s probably only going to be one western. There have been hundreds of ’em, and we didn’t have that many on our lists.

KELLY: Maybe there’s not a truly defining Texas western.

BLOOM: Red River is probably as close as you get.

RAPP: I would say Red River.

RAMÍREZ BERG: It’s Hollywood’s version of the founding of King Ranch. And Hollywood’s version of the Chisholm Trail and the first cattle drive. I mean, that’s pretty Texan.

BLOOM: Plus he kills a lot of people.

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