When Reneé Olstead talks, it’s hard to believe that she is just 11 years old. Maybe that’s because the precocious Houstonian has been acting for almost half of her life. She landed her first role at the age of 6, in the television miniseries Streets of Laredo, and since then she has appeared in The Insider, End of Days, and even an E! documentary called The Making of a Child Star. Starting August 4 you’ll be able to see her in Clint Eastwood’s new film, Space Cowboys, in which she plays a schoolgirl visiting the Johnson Space Center. “I only have a little part in it, but with all the right people,” she says. “I got to meet Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, Donald Sutherland, and I got to see James Garner again [whom she had worked with on Streets of Laredo].” Not content to limit her talents, Olstead also plans to release her debut country music CD this month. “See, back a long time ago, kids couldn’t just act and couldn’t just sing,” she explains, sounding as if she were 31 instead of 11. “They had to do them both—they had to do variety. I find that I should be a multiprofessional person if I can.”