Is Rice really the Harvard of the Southwest? Heck no. Rice is better!

According to the personal finance magazine and website Kiplinger’s “Best Values in Private Colleges” feature, only Princeton, Yale, and CalTech give students more bang for their buck. Harvard came in fifth.

The schools were ranked on five main weighted categories: cost and financial aid, competitiveness, academic support, graduation rates, and student indebtedness.

Rice stood out for its ratio of six students to every faculty member, its non-need based financial aid, and its 21 percent admissions rate. (Princeton, Yale and Harvard’s admissions rate are each in the single digit range).

But most of all, it’s cheaper to go to Rice—so long as you remember we’re talking about some of the most expensive universities in the entire country. With an annual cost of $48,621, Rice is the only school where you can get away with spending less than $50K a year until you get to #27, which happens to be San Antonio’s Trinity University.

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