Governor Rick Perry went to Italy last week to promote the Texas economic miracle. He also got to play with race cars.

In conjunction with the upcoming Formula 1 race near Austin, the November 18 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas, Perry visited Ferrari and went to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

The governor pimped hard for the Circuit of the Americas in an amusing pre-race interview with Martin Brundle of Sky Sports: 

“If you’re not in Austin, Texas, on November the 18, you’re gonna miss some of the finest racing, and probably the best visuals of any circuit in the world,” he told Brundle. “That Turn One is magnificent.”

Perry the F1 expert also predicted the U.S. Grand Prix would “be one of the great races in the world.”

“Well,” Brundle replied. “I was coming anyway, but I’m really definitely coming now!” Brundle continued: “So, uh, do you think the Texans are going to understand this slightly crazy world of Formula One?”

“I do,” Perry said, though he didn’t have much more to add to that than platitudes about “excitement” and “international…CEOs.”

He then went back to rhapsodizing about the “visuals” and Turn One again, prompting Brundle to reach for his ripcord (at one point you can see him looking towards the camera, hoping to escape).

“I’ve gotta go, but thanks for your insight on that, and it could be the championship decider as well,” Brundle said. (There are seven races left in F1’s season, with just one after the USGP.)

“Could be,” Perry agreed. “we’re planning on it!”

“Good stuff,” Brundle said as he moved on to the next guy down the track, his back now to the camera. Then, offhandedly: “Well. You’d vote for him, wouldn’t you? I think you’d have to! Blimey. Chew your ears off…”

And wasn’t it great the way the governor shed his sunglasses to to do the interview? Let’s see that one more time: