EISLEY, a group of four siblings (and a neighbor) who began performing seven years ago in their parents’ Tyler coffee shop, might seem the most improbable of success stories. The youngest DuPree sister was just eight when she and her sisters, shunning cable and video games, sat in their room and honed a telepathic, childlike sense of vocal harmony. Adding a muscular rock backing created a novel sound, one that soon had the slavishly derivative record business falling all over itself. Their first major-label full-length, ROOM NOISES (Reprise), rerecords some winners from their 2003 EPs, but the new songs, with trademark melodies that unexpectedly swoop and soar, are equally impressive. By album’s end, Room’s gliding harmonies start to gnaw a bit on nerve endings, but Eisley makes beguiling and creative pop music all its own.