Texas’s Southwest further cemented its status as the most adorable airline this week. On Saturday, it began airlifting pets marooned from their owners by Hurricane Sandy to a shelter in California.

The sixty dogs and cats were at risk of being put down in the overcrowded shelters of New York and New Jersey. Now, they will spend their days at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Santa Fe, California, a no-kill facility, until they are adopted.

How’d this come to be? Well, Southwest Airlines donated the charter flight, the airline’s employees gave their time, SeaWorld’s animal rescue experts came on board as handlers, and BP provided the fuel. 

Verdict? Cute and heartwarming, but not as cute and heartwarming as this penguin running down the aisle of a Southwest Plane (or this endangered sea turtle in the cabin, for that matter). Though more useful. Here are some photos of puppies (and kitties) on planes:

Donations to the Helen Woodward Animal Center can be made online here.