THE CHEATER’S HANDBOOK, by Southern Methodist University graduate Bob Corbett (Regan Press, $12), which explains how to cheat your way through college. “Go with an old beat-up pair of jeans with as many holes as reasonably possible . . . you can write answers directly on your legs and then shift the jeans in mid-test so that the holes line up with the notes and reveal them.”

CORPORATE CULTS: THE INSIDIOUS LURE OF THE ALL-CONSUMING ORGANIZATION, by Dr. Dave Arnott of Dallas Baptist University (AMACOM, $23.95), which tells how to escape the “pernicious clutches” of large companies. “Napping, birthday parties, gifts, dry cleaning, and dinner. [Are these activities] best performed at home or at the workplace? When they are performed at the workplace, it’s a corporate cult.”

PARIS . . . IT’S A DOG’S LIFE, by Trudy and Richard DeWeese of Dallas (self-published, $34.95), which “exposes the secret everyday life of dogs in a city known more for its museums, architecture, and historical significance than for its devotion to canines.”

THE ULTIMATE CHILI COOKBOOK, by W. C. Jameson (Republic of Texas Press, $18.95), with recipes including Shiitake and White Mushroom Chili. “As a result of a dare, I arrived at the following recipe, which includes lobster and black beans.”

COOKING WITHOUT A KITCHEN: THE COFFEEMAKER COOKBOOK, by Peter Mazonson of California (San Antonio’s MCB Publications, $7.95), which enables hotel guests to prepare food in their rooms. “How do you keep the just-cooked scrambled eggs warm while the coffee is brewing? Simply fire up the blowdryer and point it at the eggs.”

A signed copy of the reissue of AUTO-BIOGRAPHY OF HOWARD HUGHES, the infamous 1972 hoax by Clifford Irving (, $24.95).