The Smell Of Yummy Here are my top five reasons to visit the Scented Geranium, a cool new Vietnamese cafe in Dallas owned by Sony Nguyen. Reason number five: The decor—minimalist and edgy, with walls painted chartreuse, lavender, aquamarine, and candy pink. Reason number four: The music—a soothing amalgam of New Age and classical with a hypnotic backbeat. Reason number three: The value—all dinner entrées are under $16. Reason number two: The attitude—there isn’t one. Reason number one: The food, prepared by Sony’s sister, Kim Nguyen—I’m mad for the light versions of Vietnamese classics, like the green papaya salad with its fresh fruit, boiled shrimp, and shoestrings of grilled pork and carrots in a vinegary-sweet dressing. And I adore the French crêpe, a wisp of fried batter bundling marinated shrimp, minced coconut, scallions, and bean sprouts. When is the next plane to Dallas?