Here’s a surprise. Austin’s CARRIE RODRIGUEZ, who never set out to be a singer, has crafted a charming, almost meditative solo debut. Rodriguez initially studied classical violin at Oberlin and Berklee and on occasion sat in with her songwriter dad (David Rodriguez). Then New Yorker Chip Taylor (best known for penning the impossibly disparate hits “Wild Thing” and “Angel of the Morning”) invited Rodriguez to back him, soon coaxing her to sing and even collaborate. Their early work suffered from Taylor’s lackluster tunes, but their most recent album, 2005’s Red Dog Tracks, featuring string luminary Bill Frisell, was a quantum leap up. Frisell is back forSEVEN ANGELS ON A BICYCLE (Back Porch), but instead of the aw-shucks demeanor of her previous work with Taylor, Rodriguez opts for a more soulful approach. The songs, all originals, show unexpected depth and are smartly and simply told. Rodriguez puts on the up-tempos (“50’s French Movie,” “I Don’t Wanna Play House Anymore”) with sass and a smirk, while on the slower numbers (the title track, “Waterbound,” “Big Kiss”), she channels a Texas version of Sandy Denny that draws you in deep.