They stand politically corrected.

WHERE’S THAT TIGER WHEN YOU NEED HIM? During a Galveston City Council meeting, the Reverend James Thomas, an African American member of the council, referred to African Americans who had unsuccessfully challenged his reelection as “Sambos.”

HOW SHORTSIGHTED OF HER The City of Houston’s affirmative action director, Lenoria Walker, was forced to resign after she referred to city councilman Joe Roach as a “midget.” Roach is a dwarf.

AND EVERYONE LIKES SHEEP Texas A&M tight end Dan Campbell apologized after the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Aggies student group protested his remarks during the annual Aggie bonfire that he was glad to attend a school where “men like women and women like men.”

BLAME IT ON EL NIÑO The president of the Pi Beta Phi sorority at Baylor apologized to the Hispanic Students Association after the sorority held a dance with a Mexico theme at which two women put pillows under their traditional embroidered Mexican dresses to make themselves look pregnant.

ADIOS, $55,000 Elizabeth Jean Morse of Plano was ordered to pay $55,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees for harassing Osiel and Claudia Salinas, who were building a house next door to Morse, with posted messages such as “Mexico’s nice this time of year. Go ahead, take the plunge back. Adios amigos.”