Three tracks deep into Something Happened, “Peace of Mind” jolts to a start with a ricochet drum beat. Close behind, electric guitars bleat in accompaniment as Seela begins to sing: “Peace of mind, peace of mind, I’ve been doing fine without you here.” Seemingly nothing special, a simple melody; but behind her, instruments mount a stealthy build, and seconds before the verse ends, the rhythm floor drops out as an inverted fill nails the start of a full band chorus. It’s one of those perfect pop moments, one where everything falls into sync, one that delivers a hook you’ll never get out of your head, and one that keeps you reaching for the disc. Something Happened is the second CD from this Canadian-born Austin resident. She and her band, particularly guitarist Darwin Smith and drummer Brannen Temple, treat her dramatic new material with flair. It’s an ambitious yet uneven effort; quality varies between tracks, guitars step on vocals, and too much of the recording is dirge-slow. Yet the songs and the singer remain compelling and full of mystery. Play it again. by Jeff McCord