April 20, 1905—Stanley Marcus is born in Dallas. He is the oldest of four boys.

1907—Neiman Marcus is founded in Dallas by his father, Herbert Marcus, Sr., his aunt, Carrie Marcus Neiman, and his uncle Al Neiman.

1926—He graduates from the Harvard Business School. He begins working at Neiman Marcus as a stock boy.

1927—Neiman Marcus is the first American couture boutique to host weekly fashion shows.

1932—He marries Mary Cantrell.

1934—Neiman Marcus is the first apparel store outside New York City to advertise in national fashion magazines.

1938—He creates the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, which was presented to designers and celebrities for their influence in the world of fashion.

1939—The Christmas Book becomes an annual publication.

1950—Herbert Marcus, Sr., dies, leaving Stanley Marcus as the store’s chief executive.

1951—Neiman Marcus opens its first branch store in Dallas.

1957—Marcus introduces Fortnight, a yearly soirée highlighting the fashion contributions and cultures of different countries.

1960—Collaborating with his brother Edward, he makes the His and Her the central feature of the world-famous Christmas Book.

1969—Neiman Marcus merges with Broadway-Hale stores, which later becomes Carter Hawley Hale.

1974—His memoir, Minding the Store, is published.

1975—He retires as chairman emeritus.

1978—His wife, Mary, dies in Dallas.

1979—He marries Linda Cumber Robinson. Quest for the Best is published, which focuses on his customer service and selling philosophies.

1995—The Viewpoints of Stanley Marcus: A Ten-Year Perspective is published. He receives the Rice Design Alliance Award for Design Excellence.

2000—Stanley Marcus From A to Z is published as a sequel to Viewpoints.

January 22, 2002—Stanley Marcus dies in Dallas.

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