Some dishes are so harmonious that they practically sing, and this creation from chef Mynetta Cockerell at Marty’s WineBar in Dallas is one of them. Served in the small, cozy restaurant located at the front of the wineshop, the dish involves variations on the themes of garlic, ginger, and sesame. Cockerell uses the ingredients in subtly different ways in the dish’s main components: slender pieces of juicy marinated and grilled chicken breast, snappy corn cakes plumped up with fresh kernels and a sprinkling of jalapeño, and an irresistible salty peanut dipping sauce. No musical score was ever orchestrated more sweetly. Marty’s Wine Bar and Cafe, 3316 Oak Lawn, Dallas. (214-526-7796)

Try this recipe for Sesame Chicken Satay from Marty’s WineBar, Dallas.