Kinky Friedman is a man of many talents: cult country musician, professional Texan, and mystery writer (his thirteenth novel, Spanking Watson, was just published by Simon and Schuster). He’s also expert at surrounding himself with entertaining characters, many of whom end up in his books. This month his pal Mike McGovern, a former New York Daily News reporter, has returned the favor by writing a cookbook featuring more than seventy dishes and an equal number of outrageous quotes from the Kinkster. The recipe for Jailhouse Chili, a creation another Kinky friend, New York City private detective Steve Rambam, is a hoot to read—and it makes a darn good bowl of red. Eat, Drink and Be Kinky will be published this month, also by Simon and Schuster.

Try this recipe for Jailhouse Chili from Eat, Drink and Be Kinky.